Unmapped Films is a nomadic film production company, born from our desire to live on the road while creating engaging media. We produce, shoot and take care of all the postproduction from our “office on wheels”, offering stunning audiovisual content for brands and businesses, big and small.

Chloe Billebault is a filmmaker and photographer from France. She is fluent in 3 languages and has worked on numerous projects, from web-content to documentaries and fiction. She is the main co-pilot and likes to use real maps while on the road.

Vicente Rosati is a musician and sound engineer from Chile, he has worked for advertising, cinema and music productions. He is the main driver, a tech freak and a skillful chef.

Zid is our office. It’s a fiber-glass camper made in Chile by the company Coati. Its name is inspired from the Zid Family who, in 1928, came to South America from Austria on a boat with their Ford automobile to travel all across the continent, making photographs and films and sell them at shows.